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Then there is the private journal, which my father, in lieu of talking directly to me about what happened, decided to hand over to me for my research. These entries allowed me to relive the hospital stay from my fathers perspective. I read and reread every line; there were moments of laughter and solemn times, and then there were passages so heartwrenching that I wanted to race over to him in Brooklyn and give him a bear hug. But I knew better than to do that. To move forward, you have to leave the past behind. Though I wasnt ready to do that myself, I could, at least for his sake, follow his motto when it related to him. My strong Irish protector was, at the heart of it all, a big softie, and his love for me, something that during our roughest times I had questioned, was immeasurable. All Iknew was that she was alive, and her spirit was intact. We had more hospital stays for treatments, doctor visits, and lots of medications to deal with, but my baby was on the way home, the journal ends. How can i get off lisinopril Get excel templates Discount zithromax online

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