Get Investment Ready to Secure a VC Workshop – Tips from DN’s Ragnar Jongen @ Business Funding Show

ragnar jongen

The ‘Meet Top Investors & Get Investment-ready to Secure a VC’ workshop run by Business Funding Show featured speakers from five VC companies (and four countries!), had a very interactive panel Q&A and was an ultimate success. The speakers gave insights into their companies and what they are looking for, their journey from entrepreneurs to investors and how to be investment-ready. Below are summaries of each presentation.

Ragnar Jongen of DN Capital outlined the investments that they usually make as well as why the UK continues to remain on the radar for investors:

DN Capital looks for a company with three things: a great idea, a fantastic team and capital raised by EU unicorns.
When a company approaches DN Capital, they have an average of $260m of capital raised.
The UK is where the most successful companies have been founded in Europe. Also, the most VC capital is here.
In regards to valuation, be sure that you think about the long term and the promises that you are making now. Can you keep up those goals?

The key takeaways from the panel Q&A were:

Pitch your idea to everyone you know until you know it inside out.
If you know somebody, get an intro so you can ensure credibility right away. Have a deck and financial model always ready to go.
Be prepared and have an entrepreneurial mindset to get your foot in the door.
Looking to perfect your pitch to these investors? Join us at our next workshop on July 11, ‘Prepare a Winning Pitch Deck to Attract Investors.’

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