Renier Lemmens
Fintech Expert


Renier Lemmens is a Venture Partner with DN Capital focusing on Fintech. He currently also serves as Chairman of TransferGo, Divido, Mojo Mortgages, and Hostmaker. He is a non executive director at Arion Bank and Senior Advisor and Visiting Professor of Fintech and innovation at the London Institute of banking and finance. He recently served as board member of Revolut. In the past, Renier served as CEO of PayPal EMEA and member of its global executive team. He was COO of Barclays International Retail and Commercial Banking. Renier was an officer of GE Capital where he served as Chairman and CEO of Budapest Bank, and SVP Business Development for the Americas. Renier was a partner with McKinsey & Company in London, New Delhi, and San Francisco. He is a frequent speaker at Fintech Conferences.

He holds an MsC with distinction in Computer Science and an MBA with Distinction from INSEAD, France.

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