Techbikers London Charity Ride on June 15th 2017

We are very proud of Investment Manager, Guy Ward Thomas, who is cycling from Paris to London on June 15th to raise funds for his chosen charity ‘Room to Read’ as part of the Techbikers London event.

Not an easy feat and very admirable! If you’d like to show support, his fundraising page is as listed below:


Guy Ward Thomas / Charity: Room to Read

Guy Ward Thomas

Did you know that if every child received an education, 170 million people would be lifted out of poverty?

In June, I will drop my laptop and get on a bike, cycling over 300km with 60 other riders from Paris to London with TechBikers – all to raise money for Room to Read!

Please support me with however much you can give.

Why? To support Room to Read’s work on a cause I strongly believe in: providing children with an education.

Focusing on childhood literacy is one of the most effective ways to improve living standards across the globe.


In 2012 TechBikers launched in London as a means for the tech community to put down their laptops and pick up a bike to support charity, network and share ideas. The goal is to help children in need by supporting literacy charity Room to Read. Since 2012 over 350 tech professionals – including start-ups, venture capitalists and executives – have cycled 1600km between Paris and London to raise over € 300,000 for this fantastic charity.