Casey Swerner joins the panel at World Precision Medicine Congress May 16-18

What do investors look out for in start-ups? What are the current trends in AI for healthcare? Where do we see the industry moving to in the next 5-10 years? DN Capital’s Casey Swerner joins the panel to discuss this and more at the World Precision Medicine Conference, 16-18 May, UK.

The Precision World Medicine AI & Healthcare Conference brought together investors, start-ups, Pharma and medical professionals to chat about the what role artificial intelligence can play in developing the future of healthcare.

Casey gave his thoughts and insights from the panel thereafter;

‘Although there was a healthy dose of skepticism on the overuse of the AI-label, there was a genuine enthusiasm for novel solutions both on healthcare delivery and the therapeutic side. We were really excited by companies that corner true data niches within biology to power new cures and prevention, break down old disease labels, and broken healthcare innovation models. The long term vision of genuinely personalised therapeutic regimes is a possible future – if you’re trying to build it, get in touch!’