Lendis accelerates large-scale B2B sales for home office equipment

Lendis, more than doubled in size during the pandemic – one key reason: developing a scalable solution for setting up companies with home office equipment for their employees. Fast-growing companies and enterprises such as lnfarm, Personio or BCG piloted the Lendis home office system and rolled it out to their team subsequently.

At lnfarm we look for partners who envision innovative solutions which reduce potential environmental impacts. Our collaboration with Lendis allows us to offer our employees access to lending home office equipment when required. Lendis’ circular business model is an inherently sustainable way to reduce waste and is an efficient and transparent solution for rental asset management leading to more efficient use of equipment.
(Director of People Operations at Infarm, Janine Heidenreich)

Continue to read to understand the challenges Infarm was facing and how Lendis helped developing a scalable and digital-enabled solution to equipping their team with all the furniture and electronics they needed.