Khosla Ventures leads $8.6m round in Polish robotics startup Nomagic

Nomagic, has developed software to enable a robotic arm to identify items from an unordered selection, pick them and pack them into boxes. Today the company is announcing an $8.6 million funding round, one of the largest-ever seed rounds for a Polish startup. The round is being led by Khosla Ventures and Hoxton Ventures with participation from previous investors DN Capital, Capnamic Ventures and Manta -Ray.

Nomagic’s founders are Kacper Nowicki (formerly of Google), Marek Cygan (an academic) and Tristan d’Orgeval (formerly of Climate Corporation). The three co-founders felt that the problem of unstructured objects had been overlooked by other robotics startups, and represented a huge opportunity to make logistics and fulfilment more efficient.

Nomagic’s technology is already being operationalised in with third-party logistics and fulfilment providers in Poland,  as well as retailers like Cdiscount in France. It was this technological prowess and early customer endorsement which attracted one of Silicon Valley’s best known funds to make a rare foray over to Europe.

“The Nomagic team has made significant strides since its founding in 2017,” says Sven Strohband, Managing Director of Khosla Ventures. “There’s a massive opportunity within the European market for warehouse robotics and automation, and NoMagic is well-positioned to capture some of that market share.”